Thursday, December 27, 2012

Daily Sketch 12-26-12

Here are some more life sketches I did yesterday:

This was at Bent Image Labs. I did a quick little sketch of my friend Duncan and fellow animator Jesse Jones while waiting for my assignment.

Another sketch of the cafe at Intel.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day Sketch

A little sketch that i did on Christmas day.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Life Sketches

Here are some more sketch I have done recently:

This one is a little 10 min sketch while I waited for my pizza in the Intel Cafe.. They made a pretty good Personal Pizza.

The Christmas Tree in the Intel Cafe

My wife's cat, Ruhk, sitting on our daughters chalk board looking out through the binds.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Life; Moving forward

It has been awhile since the last I posted on my blog. I really should try harder to keep up with this.
Anyway; recently I moved closer in to Portland, the reason for this is so that I can get out of Nowheres-ville Molalla and be closer to work. Also, if my car ever breaks down for one reason or another, I can now take the some what reliable Tri-met system where as out in Molalla I would of been screwed. :D

Anyway, I have been reading through the book: Urban Sketching by Gabriel Campanario. THIS book is nothing but pages and pages of inspiring work from artist all over the world. This has in turn inspired me to try to keep up with my own sketching and as such here are some of the sketches I have done recently:

Friday, October 5, 2012

World on a String

In the last few months a friend of mine, Danny Popovici has been painting illustrations for a children's book using oil paints. The book itself is called "World on a String" and is a fantastic book about a child and his best friend, a big red balloon. The book's core message is designed to help children deal with and come to terms with lose when the young boy loses his balloon, when it is taken away by a strong breeze.

Anyway, the illustrations are beautifully done and they are doing a kickstarter that has 14 days left; so please check out their kickstarter and help them out.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Laika House monthly Art Challenge: Paranorman

Every month, Laika House does an art challenge and this month they decided that the challenge would be to create a character from their film "Paranorman" who did not appear in the film, and explain why.

This is my entry into the contest:

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Work Doodle

Here is a little character I doodled up while drawing a logo design at work:

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Teen Girl character Design

I painted and finalized a character I designed a while back as a part of work. We are not going with this look for that project, but I still like the way she looks. :D

Slight adjustment made to original image since first posted. Tangent removed, and background darkened and added increased contrast. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

TinyCo Animation tests

A few weeks ago i got an animation test from Tinyco. I was suppose to do several animations with the two character they sent me. The puppy they sent is pretty cute, but the Tourist reminds me of a Doozer from Fraggle Rock.

Anyway here are the Animations I worked up, They are all on 10 Fps.

Puppy Dance

Puppy Play

Puppy Tickle

Puppy Walk

Tourist Jump

Tourist Walk

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Recent work: Part 1 of 10

Check out this short little flash animation that I did the storyboards for. More to come, even a few scenes that I animated on.

Friday, June 8, 2012

My First Munny

So about 3 months ago i decided that to pick up a basic Munny vinyl doll kit. I have known about these for about 6 years now and always wanted to try and make my own. So first i went to the Munny website and downloaded the Template they have and started working out ideas. The one I choose was the idea of making a Dragon Boy.
As you can see, my daughter liked this design so much she tried to draw on it as well.
Once i had my idea I went to the craft store and bought some air drying clay so i could make the Spikes and ears for the Munny. What I bought was  Filmo Air: light. it is extremely easy to use and as light weight, if not more so, than the material the vinyl doll is made out of. here is what he looked like after I added the ears and spike. It was also at this point that I decided that I would make his tail a lot smaller than the one in the design.

Once the Clay is dry it can slip off pretty easily since the vinyl doll is a smooth surface. So I took all the clay pieces off, sanded them smooth, and then glued them back on with craft glue.
The next step was to paint him and I had decided early on that I was going to do this with Acrylic paint since I have a ton of acrylic paint. I started with drawing with "The Marker" that came with the munny doll some lines to mark off areas where the face started and the boundary for the tummy and such, and then I started to lay in my foundation with the paint. It was then I realized that I should have never used the Marker that came with the doll for this AT ALL. Apparently this marker is not alcohol based and has a tendency to bleed through acrylic paint, no matter how many layers I laid in. so I had to scrap off the all  the paint with a razor blade and clean off the marker then repaint the thing again. Fun times, I'll tell you. Here is what I ended up with.
Once this was done came the scary part. Adding all the details. This required forethought and and patience, as well as the willingness to keep at it and rework mistakes if they happened. I think I did well. Here is the little guy after I finished painting him.

Now he just needs the Bandanna around his neck and he is done.

You can get Munny dolls at Barnes and Noble, as well as at toy stores. You can also just order one from online at:

Friday, June 1, 2012

Goblin Tale

New comic page has been posted for my new Webcomic series. The series is about the misadventures of a Goblin who works for a Wizard in a Wizard's Tower.

Goblin Tale

Thursday, May 31, 2012


My newcomic is now active and live. Go check it out. I'll be posting new pages up every Monday and Friday.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

This week my first Webcomic series will begin. You can check out the site on it first official day: May 31st and I will be posting comic pages on Mondays and Fridays each week, with this coming Friday (the 1st) as the first page posting. here is the link.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Currently, I am working storyboards for a few friends to make a short CG animation. As a challenge for myself and because I need to have the work that shows that i am able to do this I am designing the boards digitally. So here is a sample of how well this is working out, I am quiet proud of myself:

Also, here is a sample of a digital sketch of a background I came up with for this project:

All in all it is going well. i just need a day to get them all done and show them to the team and get the first critique on them.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Level Designs and Concepts pt 3

Here are some more of the concepts and Level designs I developed. These are the last ones and they all involve a electrical theme.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Game Designs and Concepts pt 2

Here are some more of the level designs I created at Deep Sky Studios for their game Scooter Shooter.
These one are all from the Ice level, my second favorite.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Game Designs and Concepts

Over Winter while I was interning at Deep Sky Studios here in Portland, OR. I was given the task to do  over a few weeks to concept out some designs for different levels and obstacles for a game they are working on called "Scooter Shooter", which is a game for their animated series "Og's Adventures". So here are some of the designs and concepts I came up with and that you may or may not find in the game once it is complete; which might be soon.

First I post the Lava Level designs, which I feel is my top favorite designs. You'll notice that i like to write little notes to myself and the team about what things are, what they do, or even how they work. Can I say that Level design is loads of fun and hopefully I will get to work on some more in the future, because I had a lot of fun.

Oh and I should point out that the game is a traditional Platform game in the same format as the Megaman Series, but done in flash with higher resolution.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Musical Birds

Recently I was reading the newest issue of National Geographic and they had an interesting article about a species of bird from central and south America. They are pretty cool. They have especially designed feathers with hollow chambers that when struck together create chime like
tones. The have several different feathers of varied thickness and lengths that can create many different tones. They use all of this just to mate.
Anyway, here is a quick paint I did of one of these birds.

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Goblins are coming

So a while back I started to work on a co-operative table top role playing game about Goblins. The game mechanics and storyline are just about done being written up and will be going into the play testing stage.
However, i have working on conceptual designs and look of the art work for the game book that will help set the some what light hearted mood of the game.

The game consists of several different breeds of Goblins that will also have some variations that can be mix in.
This is one of the illustrations that will go into the game book that I just finished.

Tasks can only be completed with co-operation of all goblins in play.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

10 minute digital painting

Today I took a break from animating and did a 10 minute painting of the view out the studio window.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Art test pt2

Recently I did an art test for a company out Seattle that creates pretty kool internet games. The art test was for Production Artist position and was not only testing the quality of my work and my work method, but also my ability to handle multiple projects at once. This piece is something I did for this test. Its a simple little Icon for use on a website. The fun thing about this piece was that one of the requirements for it was that it had to be completely original. Meaning that I could not use any of the Reference art they had sent and comp it in like I could for several of the other pieces. I had to create it all from scratch. All in all I like how this one turned out. there were 4 other things I had to create for this art test. All of which I will not be putting up on here right now.
I like art test like this. They are fun and exciting, but also they challenge me and help me grow as an artist. This reflects well for the company because it should be both the company and the artist's desire to grow and become better by challenging each other. For me this was a challenge because I had never done anything like what was require of the test. I had never made a Icon for a game before and really enjoyed it.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Daily Art Challenge pt1.

Thsi month i decided to give myself an art challenge that i would (try) to do every day. The art challenge I decided to do is one that my wife had found and copied a jpg of, and that has been
sitting on the computer for over a year now. Unfortunately, i don't know where this Art challenge is from or otherwise I would have placed a link and mention its creator in this post. So if you
know who did design this challenge, please leave a comment with their name and a link to their page.
Anyway, Here is the first couple of days that i have completed. The hardest one so far is Drawing yourself. We all have this idea of who we are and that gets ruined when we sit down and try to draw ourselves with a mirror or photo.
I was suppose to draw my Favorite Animal, but i don't have a favorite. No I really Don't have one. So I did some sketches of some lizards.
My Favorite food is Stir-fry:
My Favorite place is a Secluded Beach:
My Best Friend:

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Art Test

So in the last year I have done several Art test in order to get work; either full time or freelance. Some times the test don't really make a lot of sense for the job I was applying for. An example for this would be when I applied for a full time position as an CG Animator with a company out of LA and the Animation test that they sent me was not one where I would be required to animate. Instead they wanted me to model clothing that I would then have to rig to the CG character they had given me. This was not what i would call an animation test, but more of a 3D artist test. So i decided to take the test.
Don't get me wrong I know how to model and all that, but i don't really want to do it as a job. i much rather be an animator.

Another Animation test i received was for an online game that some company was bringing over from japan. I have to design Justin Bieber in Illustrator and that Animate him in Flash; just a basic walk cycle. I did a lot of research to prepare for this test because it all had to be in the same style as the game in japan. The style is very simple, but that just makes it even harder to work with when you need a character to look like someone in particular. I didn't get the job, but here is what I turned in. The animation for this style is soooo simple and easy by the by.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Recent Daily Doodles.

I know its been a while since I last posted. I have been busying with my internship at Deep Sky Studios. I learned Toon Boom Studio, which is WAY better than Flash. I have been Character Designing and Story Boarding for the short that Deep Sky has decided to do; which I'll post the link to when final animation is completed.

Her are some kool daily doodles I have done recently.