Sunday, August 26, 2012

TinyCo Animation tests

A few weeks ago i got an animation test from Tinyco. I was suppose to do several animations with the two character they sent me. The puppy they sent is pretty cute, but the Tourist reminds me of a Doozer from Fraggle Rock.

Anyway here are the Animations I worked up, They are all on 10 Fps.

Puppy Dance

Puppy Play

Puppy Tickle

Puppy Walk

Tourist Jump

Tourist Walk


  1. Let me know if these look weird or are playing badly and I'll try to fix them.

  2. i love the tourist walk, the jump could maybe use a bit more body/head squash at the start and a bit more stretch on the fall. it's been a long time since i animated anything though. the puppy walk looks a bit odd and i dont know why

  3. It looks a little slow, but I think it might be google..