Saturday, March 17, 2012

Art Test

So in the last year I have done several Art test in order to get work; either full time or freelance. Some times the test don't really make a lot of sense for the job I was applying for. An example for this would be when I applied for a full time position as an CG Animator with a company out of LA and the Animation test that they sent me was not one where I would be required to animate. Instead they wanted me to model clothing that I would then have to rig to the CG character they had given me. This was not what i would call an animation test, but more of a 3D artist test. So i decided to take the test.
Don't get me wrong I know how to model and all that, but i don't really want to do it as a job. i much rather be an animator.

Another Animation test i received was for an online game that some company was bringing over from japan. I have to design Justin Bieber in Illustrator and that Animate him in Flash; just a basic walk cycle. I did a lot of research to prepare for this test because it all had to be in the same style as the game in japan. The style is very simple, but that just makes it even harder to work with when you need a character to look like someone in particular. I didn't get the job, but here is what I turned in. The animation for this style is soooo simple and easy by the by.

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