Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Ball Bounce: The Cornerstone to all Animation

Practice, Practice, Practice. Here is a ball bounce using a Squash Deformer.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Figure Drawing for a Month: Part 1

So i decided to do daily figure drawings this month. I have been terrible about doing daily sketching in the past and need to develop the habit of doing it. So here are the first eleven days of my daily sketches in the following ten images. They are not all perfect by any means, but they all had something to teach me.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Making of the "Journey to the West" Poster

As an assignment for a class I was to design a poster for a theater. The subject was up to me, so I picked Journey to the West since it is one of my favorite stories.

So the first thing I did was thumb out some ideas and then pick one to go with for the final Poster.

So i picked the one with the Monkey Kings Arm coming down into the scene holding the scrolls. this kept most of the story a mystery, but intrigue the audience enough to want to know more. So i blow this thumbnail up and then traced it onto a new piece of paper. Then i went in and strengthen the composition. Once that was done I painted a Value study of it to get it to the right look. If it worked as a black and white then it would work in color.

Then from there i painted it.

I wanted the whole feel to be Chinese inspired, have a vague Chinese brush paint feel to it. I had to make sure that the scrolls read as rolled up sheet of paper and Instead of just painting the lines in I got a photograph of rolled up paper and Image Manipulated it to work in the illustration. This turned out fairly well.