Saturday, April 28, 2012

Game Designs and Concepts

Over Winter while I was interning at Deep Sky Studios here in Portland, OR. I was given the task to do  over a few weeks to concept out some designs for different levels and obstacles for a game they are working on called "Scooter Shooter", which is a game for their animated series "Og's Adventures". So here are some of the designs and concepts I came up with and that you may or may not find in the game once it is complete; which might be soon.

First I post the Lava Level designs, which I feel is my top favorite designs. You'll notice that i like to write little notes to myself and the team about what things are, what they do, or even how they work. Can I say that Level design is loads of fun and hopefully I will get to work on some more in the future, because I had a lot of fun.

Oh and I should point out that the game is a traditional Platform game in the same format as the Megaman Series, but done in flash with higher resolution.

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