Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Animation Character design

I am working on designing two characters for my final project in my adv. Animation class. My first step is to figure out the basic shapes that I want to use. This is what we call “Shape Language”. This is because it is much easier to move simple shapes around then complex ones when it comes to animation. So if I have the simple shapes figured out first then half my work is done.

When designing character there are a few things that I have to keep in mind: Shape (which I already talked about), silhouette (which will help the characters read better.), and attitude (this would reflect the character’s personality). These are even more import for the turnaround, if everything is not designed correctly then the turnaround of the character will look weird and then I’ll have to go back and fix the designs and have to do a new turnaround until I get it right. So it is best to get everything looking right the first time.

The child character was not working out right. First time it was because he did not fulfill the one requirement for the project; he is a bit too skinny. So I tried to make him more fat, however, this did not look good either so I ended up going back to my sketches and going with another character that worked better.