Sunday, March 18, 2012

Daily Art Challenge pt1.

Thsi month i decided to give myself an art challenge that i would (try) to do every day. The art challenge I decided to do is one that my wife had found and copied a jpg of, and that has been
sitting on the computer for over a year now. Unfortunately, i don't know where this Art challenge is from or otherwise I would have placed a link and mention its creator in this post. So if you
know who did design this challenge, please leave a comment with their name and a link to their page.
Anyway, Here is the first couple of days that i have completed. The hardest one so far is Drawing yourself. We all have this idea of who we are and that gets ruined when we sit down and try to draw ourselves with a mirror or photo.
I was suppose to draw my Favorite Animal, but i don't have a favorite. No I really Don't have one. So I did some sketches of some lizards.
My Favorite food is Stir-fry:
My Favorite place is a Secluded Beach:
My Best Friend:

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