Tuesday, September 27, 2011

2 hour Digital Paint Copy

Earlier today I started to do a copy of a photo to strengthen my Photoshop painting skills. The first run of these will be 2 hours long and then later I'll change it to 1 hour paint sessions. So here is todays. The face is still off, but I was not aiming for a final fully detailed piece> I was aiming to capture the reference Image to the best of the ability and then go in and strengthen certain areas as best as i could. I don't spend enough time painting in photoshop and need to improve.

The Digital Copy:

the Original:

The Parts that I like that turned out really awesome; the area under the chin and around the jaw line. There is a really nice reflective light in there thats full of color and life. I like her arm, the direction it was heading, it just is not on the same page as the face. Still to suggestive. The eye still does not look right and part of this has to do with the fact that the eye is too white. It makes her look crazy or evil. The face too is not prefect, she looks to old.

Hopefully, I'll have another one of these up tomorrow night.