Thursday, March 22, 2012

Art test pt2

Recently I did an art test for a company out Seattle that creates pretty kool internet games. The art test was for Production Artist position and was not only testing the quality of my work and my work method, but also my ability to handle multiple projects at once. This piece is something I did for this test. Its a simple little Icon for use on a website. The fun thing about this piece was that one of the requirements for it was that it had to be completely original. Meaning that I could not use any of the Reference art they had sent and comp it in like I could for several of the other pieces. I had to create it all from scratch. All in all I like how this one turned out. there were 4 other things I had to create for this art test. All of which I will not be putting up on here right now.
I like art test like this. They are fun and exciting, but also they challenge me and help me grow as an artist. This reflects well for the company because it should be both the company and the artist's desire to grow and become better by challenging each other. For me this was a challenge because I had never done anything like what was require of the test. I had never made a Icon for a game before and really enjoyed it.

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