Monday, August 30, 2010

Animating Weight in Maya

Recently I have been working to improve my CG animation skills in Maya.

The following is a video that shows what I decided to animate. If you watch there is much left to be desired in this animation.

So once i have looked this over and received some critique from my class, I went back through and cleaned up my Graph editor, changed some of my silhouette choices, changed some of the timing, and added a bit more to it overall. here is what it looks like now.

Now i will go back through this again and play with the timing in sections until I feel its right. This is more of "feel for it" type of thing.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Animating Dialog and a take in Maya Part: 1

For Class I am suppose to pick a piece of 11 second long dialog and animate it with take happening at some point during the scene. The take does not have to be Tex Avery in style, but can be something much more smaller.
The Dialog I picked is from the Movie "The man who knew too little", which is a spy spoof movie staring Bill Murray.

As the first part of the process I have begun to block out the action that will be taking place in the scene. I decided to place two character at a bar having never meet each other before this moment when the first character begins to act emotionally towards the other.

There are a few parts right away that stick out in my mind that need changed. One being that the right hand character's left hand Sticks to the top of the counter through out most of the scene. I plan to break this up with some movement; to balance this movement I will not have the right hand moving during this time.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Paper Indians

Last Year I animated on a School 2D Production Called "Paper Indians". The story was about a hard working father who comes home and wants nothing more than to rest; however, his two active and Imaginative sons are running around the house playing, making noises, and pretty much acting like the children they are.

Take a look: Paper Indians.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Out of It

So I have not posted here for quite some time. This is due to laziness, lack of time, with a mix of "I don't have anything to post about".

However, I will try to get back in to it again.

First off; I am working on several new things currently. I am working to improve my CG animation skills in Maya, I am working with a team to concept a animated commercial for a local Barber shop, and I have just finished up a "Work For Hire" Contract for 12 illustrations which I will place on My website Portfolio when I finally get it made and setup. However, that will be down the road from now. Until then I might show them off here, But we will see.