Sunday, September 8, 2013

Illustration Work

Recently I was contacted by a friend of a friend who I have not seen in many a year, from back when I was in High School. Anyway, this person wanted to hire me to illustrate a scene that was similar to what you see with Magic: The Gathering, for a series of playmates, card sleeves, and deck boxes.

Here is the original Sketch
He wanted a Zombie that was about to eat a fairy. This pretty much sold me right away.

Here is the painting at two different stages. I did the background on a separate layer to make it easier on myself. Also While painting I saw that the right hand was way to big and shrunk it and the fairy down a little.

With all the final details like blood; plus you will note that I changed my mind on how I had the Fairies wings designed. They are still butterfly inspired, but now a slightly more realistic shape and color. She looks like a the perfect damsel in distress.

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