Monday, October 3, 2011

Sword Swing Animation

I am currently working on a CG Animation of a the Goon Character model preforming a sword combat. The first steps I took were to study an individual swinging a sword with a purpose. I found Several good references on youtube and in several books. Once I had an idea of the direction I wanted the animation to take, I sketched out the key poses. Once the Key poses looked the way i wanted them I set up the scene in Maya and began to pose Goon in the the poses I had sketched, while keeping the Tangents in the graph Editor as Step Tangents. Once I was done here is what I ended up with:

video video

This didn't look to bad. So i decided to make a few adjustments to the poses I had here and then start to add inbetweens to smooth out the larger motions and adjust the timing.

video video

As you can see the Animation is coming along nicely. Now I need to change the Step Tangents to Spline Tangents and then clean up the tangents and smooth out the motion as we go. I'll post the finished animation when I am finished.

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