Monday, October 3, 2011

Sword Swing Animation

I am currently working on a CG Animation of a the Goon Character model preforming a sword combat. The first steps I took were to study an individual swinging a sword with a purpose. I found Several good references on youtube and in several books. Once I had an idea of the direction I wanted the animation to take, I sketched out the key poses. Once the Key poses looked the way i wanted them I set up the scene in Maya and began to pose Goon in the the poses I had sketched, while keeping the Tangents in the graph Editor as Step Tangents. Once I was done here is what I ended up with:

This didn't look to bad. So i decided to make a few adjustments to the poses I had here and then start to add inbetweens to smooth out the larger motions and adjust the timing.

As you can see the Animation is coming along nicely. Now I need to change the Step Tangents to Spline Tangents and then clean up the tangents and smooth out the motion as we go. I'll post the finished animation when I am finished.

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