Monday, August 15, 2011

One Inch Chef

I had this idea the other week about a one inch tall chef that had to battle all kinds of food stuff in order to return to his proper size and finish the making Diner. Some of the food items that I think he would fight are things like: Zombie Carrots, Killer Turnips, Ghoulish Spring Onions, Many0eyed Potatoes, Headless Chickens, Menacing Beef, Vengeful  Turkeys, Spoiled Grapes, Spiting Pomegranates, etc. Along with Crazied Mice, Evil Rats, and Devious Cockroaches.
The play style of the game would be a side-scroller much like the old Mario Brothers games or Sonic the hedge Hog. The chef would wield a big cleaver as his main weapon, he would have a heath gauge and a spice rack. The spice rack would have a few different spices on it that he could collect as he traveled the kitchen environment. You would have Meat Tenderizer that doubled damage done to meat products, salt to dehydrate veggies, some kind of spice for heath and some other spice as a power up.

So here is the image I saw in my mind; I still need to work up the health bar and spice rack, which I will post up at a later date.

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