Friday, April 8, 2011

Always Learning Something New.

I will tell you what, once you become a CG animator it no longer about worrying about make sure you keep up on your animating skills. Nope, its all about keeping up with the new software version that they came out with that year so you can do your bloody job. I mean you'll still be practicing your skills, but your focus will be on learning all the new stuff more so than on the animation as a whole. Traditional Animators in the past had it easy. They didn't have to worry about needing to learn how to use a new pencil every year, they just picked the pencil up and started to draw.

Anyway, I have to now learn to use several different CG animation software. Luckily, they say that if you can learn Maya you can use any of the other software. It comes down to learning all the buttons and going throw the motions- which takes time. Time in which I wish i could use doing something else, like paint.

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