Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Ball Bounce: The Cornerstone to all Animation

Practice, Practice, Practice. Here is a ball bounce using a Squash Deformer.


  1. Hey buddy,

    I noticed you're practicing on the bouncing ball! My question is, what kind/type of ball is it? That usually will determine the amount of bounces the ball will take, and how long it'll take before it settles to a stop.

    It looks to be a cross between a beach ball and a basketball, because of the lightness in the bounces, but the height of it makes it feel like it packs some weight.

    Be careful of the splines in the graph editor, make sure it's flat, and isn't sharp in shape, rather it should look like nice hills (not peaks of mountain tops).

  2. Very true. I was watch the Gnomon workshop CG Animation Foundations video the other day and he explained that very well. I am now suggesting that video series to everyone because he gives you a good idea of what to do with the graph editor.

    The type of ball I was going for was not as heavy as a basketball, but was not a beach ball either. However, I should try to do one for each of those. Maybe even a rock bounce.
    This ball would be classified as more of a volleyball.